Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Viva Internationalism

Well do not worry this is a small post, my friends. I was just remembering a debate with one of the comrades in the CWI (Committee of Workers' International; I do not belong to any organization btw) from the US and just felt so happy that we agreed almost on everything. It always happens, strangely, same were the French delegates who visited Lebanon. I also remember comrades from ISO (International Socialist Organization) as well 2 Trotskystes from Mexico, all agreed. Actually I can sit and stay till morning discussing the amazing agreements. Yet again, it is simple. We are all working not only to help the workers on what is their struggle about, rather we share the same principles, while over here, the Lebanese Communist Party has invented its own left (which is not really leftist) while the Democratic Leftist Party adopts semi Neo-Con ideas.

Long live internationalism and James Cannon was correct to quote Marx that an idea that reflects the truth lives forever.


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