Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"We Oppose the Color Red"

Well, a comrade of mine was on the Democratic Leftist Movement's mailing list, and told me that while they were discussing what logo to choose, one of their ever striving comrades (Mounadil) said: We oppose the color Red on the flag, because we are Leftists and not revolutionaries. (for real?!).

Eventually they chose the color Red (of course) but in a cedar form, as if they never learnt from the mistake of the Lebanese Communist Party that Lebanese + Communist do not click? I remember Zinoviev speaking at the first session that the Boleshevics chose the name Communist Party: Branch Russia to avoid the nationalistic perspective.

As Trostky said: Nationalism is Reactionary Capitalism. Indeed he is correct, for Nationalism in the 20th century rises in the face of the capitalists maximizing profits (specially imperial ones in early 20th century). Barber in "McWorld Versus Jihad" gives an interesting idea about that.


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