Friday, January 09, 2009

The United Nations: As Always: Clowns

Someone said that the United Nations is nothing but a forum to display muscles.

As always, we see the UN as an inefficient tool that requires immediate replacement. So far, the only side that bombed UN based buildings, or staff had been Israel, but no condemnations had taken place, because Mr. Ban is simply terrified to lose his job.

Two years ago, Israel bombed UNIFIL which prompted scandanavian objections to the level of brutality that Israel was using on citizens.

Once it gets too hot for the UN on the ground, they just FLEE the scene. While Gaza had been suffering for quiet a long time from blockades, patients dying due to lack of medical supplies, and day-to-day picking lottery winners randomly of its winners, the UN realized that it is too dangerous for it to remain there, instead to broadcast world wide the attoricities of the Israeli Defense Forces, hence they simply request for immediate seize fire from both sides, which places Hamas to the level of Mr. Olmert, whose war machinary had devastated the lives of thousands of people in less than two weeks. Of course, that is called self-defense. Now Mr. Olmert still believes that they will bomb the hell out of the people of Gaza, reject any peace offers, and the UN meantime goes: 'in principle' reached an agreement. Can those diplomats tell that to the surviving relatives of the Palestinian genocide? UNRWA when needed most are considering to suspend their operations.

Israel is also focused on Gaza, today, unknown missiles were launched from South Lebanon. The villagers were terrified. All eyes go on Ahmad Gibreel's General Command, nevertheless Israel's reply was smooth. Six rockets in retaliation (for once in equal numbers almost, although it also proved that their warning systems suffered malfunctioning. When asked by New TV if they would like to open a new front with Israel, the border villagers' reply was: "they wouldn't mind as long as all other Arab countries do so, we already suffered enough". This leads us again to the pethatic performance of the UN, a dysfunctional system where one country can veto the decisions of the majority within the security council. This reminds us of the UN's capabilities of not protecting normal citizens, like the Qana martyrs of 1996, who were killed hiding at the UN HQ there, or worse, Marwaheen, where a massacre took place by the hands of the Israelis because the UN refused to grant refugees who had no where to run assylum. Israel of course, called that self-defense. This also reminds us of when Fawaz Traboulsi disparaged Hezbollah and the 14th of March (then) based government for not building safety underground rooms for the citizens on the borders, and prepare an evacuation route for them to escape faster the Israeli blind machinary.

Over 750 palestinians are killed, and out of those so far, 245 are children. The UN is also aware of Israel's use of banned weaponry, and of course, the UN General Secretary, keeps his mouth shut and says: "both sides should hold a seize fire". Someone reminds us on how Kofi Anan, after finishing his term, bluntly said that the Palestinians are the most marginalized and require aid; of course, he didn't mention all the injustices when he was the general secretary, but afterwards. One wonders how cheap a human life can be when it doesn't enjoy the coverage of CNN and ABC news (along with others).

Of course, Israel after the UNRWA bombings, decided to show its "merciful" side by stopping the destruction for three hours per day. Also, of course, sometimes they issue warnings on the locations they will bomb. Nevertheless, we all remember how Israel has this hobby of bombing first all routes of escaping, then bomb the citizens, later warn them of incoming bombs, then bomb again. That is exactly what happened in the July War of 2006. Any more meetings and statements to be done while innocent people are dying?

Damned UN Security Council and the Entire UN Institution...since 1947 the UN had taken decisions destructive to the Palestinians, what kind of an international body that recognizes Israel back then which built its roots on ethnic cleansing and expulsions?



Renegade Eye said...

Alan Woods says the UN exists so that imperialism can pretend there is such a thing as international law.

Don't forget its treacherous role in the Korean War as well.

Competing for uselessness, is the Arab League.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

the examples are never ending...

Liliane said...

heh, i liked the "Stupid Zionism" keyword for the post...

Definitely UN is being useless once again, and so are the arabs, being neutral is not okay in such a case, and being negative is worse..

Lalebanessa said...

Welcome back MFL!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Thank you La Lebanessa,
see you around ...

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