Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel and the Arab Divide

Kosovo of 1998 Looks Heavenly Compared to Gaza...

The Israeli army killed almost in one day an extra 100 Palestinian in one day, the wounded exceeded 5000, whereby 50% of them are elderly, women, and children. These are the Hamas soldiers. Newly born babies are dying or on the brink of death, water is almost depleted, and Israel of course argues that they are targeting Hamas. They even justified to Mr. Ban that Hamas operatives shot from the UN building before bombing it as an excuse. The real alibi was of course to demolish whatever supplies the UN held in Gaza for people living in months of blockade, followed by this butchery.

Israel also started bombing News Agency to cut down on reporters' activities . The News Agency building suffered an Israeli artillery, but Zionist sympathizers would answer, they simply retaliated.

On a bigger scale, anti-Israeli activities have been spreading around the world. The Arab World is also witnessing a great rift since 1936. This doesn't mean that Qatar and Syria are lovers of the Arab cause. The Palestinian issue had always been hijacked by Arab dictators to profit from political points. Just like in Lebanon during 1976 where the Syrians and Egyptians competed who is more 'Palestinian' and Arab, the same is taking place on a regional scale. Qatar, after hosting last year the Religious Dialogue, with war-criminal Levni as a VIP guest, surprisingly called Arabs to boycott Israel, cut diplomatic ties, and stop normalizations. This sounds awekward since Prince Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani is rumored to have a nice house in Tel Aviv, and not to forget that he has an Israeli Commercial & Diplomatic hub on his own land, along with the biggest US military base after Iraq. We also remember that Qatar opened its lands for US laser guided missiles to be delivered to Israel in order to bomb Lebanese citizens.

Forgetting the past, al-Assad directly supported Qatar's call for an urgent meeting, whereby we do not know how it will stop the Israeli offensive. Only 13 countries replied to it, while Saudi Arabia, along with Egypt, are blocking the meeting of the emergency summit to take place. Jordan's King to this very day remain silent. Everyone is using Palestine to score political points to gain regional power. Saudi Arabia lost drastically in Lebanon after Qatar hosted the Lebanese dialogue to generate the Doha Accords. Israel is enjoying its ally, the US, pulling strings on the Arabs to fight with each other. Of course, to all of them, regional power is more important than human lives.

Israel, unlike Serbia, is getting away with its massacres of the Palestinian people. Finally I agree with the Kuwaiti MP, who proposed in the Parliament to move the Arab League from Cairo to Venzuela.


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