Thursday, August 28, 2008

Israel calling Lebanese!

Finally I had the chance to hang up the phone on a Zionist!

Well, it started four days ago, my Mother, who is originally Palestinian, received a call saying in Arabic, readable Arabic: "You can win 10,000,000$ by providing concrete information on missing Israeli soldiers..." My Mother simply said on the phone: "To hell with them."

Yesterday, my phone rang, and heard the same recorder, "You can win 10,000,000$..." and simply hung up laughing on the people who thought of such an idea. After all, Israel is wasting budget money on such silly issues. Yet, as an Anti-Zionist, I support Israel spending money, if the IDF is behind such "wonderful" ideas.
Whereby Israel is promoting that these missing soldiers are fighting terrorism, we regard that these soldiers are doing terrorism by butchering civilians and citizens, under US patronage.

Now why I said "silly":

1) No one knows where the hell is Ron Arad or the body parts of other IDF soldiers
2) Even someone knew, it will most probably be in the battlefronts with Hezbollah and after the last Israeli defeat by freeing Samir Quntar, Hezbollah proved to the whole world that only Hezbollah members know where are the Soldiers or their status...
3) Even if non-Hezbollah knew, no one in their sane mind will cooperate with the country that holds the largest number of Lebanese victims on their hand. It is true Syria oppressed our freedom for quite a long while, but it is Israel that bombarded us.

And hence that blood lust machinery called the Israeli Defense Forces are doing their best to find out about Ron Arad. Despite all searches, Israel always called the Lebanese. Sometimes Israel called the Southern Lebanese to threaten them that Judgement day is coming. During the July War, Israel called Lebanese, either mocking them or promising them blood, or called them to help Israel fighting "terrorism". I find it ironic that Israel is calling their victims to surrender Hezbollah fighters. Hezbollah successfully countered such a propaganda by sending messages to Northern Israel's residents that their government is the real terrorist, and so far they issued lies.

Such phone calls are primarily designed to intimidate the Lebanese whereby the victims have to hear their butcher's voice. Nevertheless, Lebanon so far won the race of intimidation. The liberation of Samir Quntar amidst fireworks and celebrations to be followed by a National Holiday, got the Intelligence officers of Israel to go threatening: We will assassinate Samir Quntar, or "level down the entire Lebanon" (to the last, they already did that several times. Leaving 30 or 40% of Beirut standing I guess doesn't qualify to the bloodlust of Israel as pure leveling down Beirut).

Whereas Israel is lost in mazes of chaos, the Israeli public has been losing faith in their officials. Political apathy in their polls has decreased drastically. The question to the Israelis: When are they willing to abandon the Zionist racist exclusivist doctrine and apologize officially for the demolishment of Palestine? In case they never noticed from the 2006 war and 2000 evacuation, the underdogs caught up with the tyrants.

One final note, Israel called the July war as "The Second Lebanese War"; however, that is the biggest lie in the world. Israel after the Civil War remained in Southern Lebanon till the year 2000, whereby they fled like little scared soldiers. Even when Lebanon was freed (till the issue of Sheb'a arms is settled), Israel intimidated the Southern Lebanese, fishermen, and others as well. This not to forget the Southern Lebanese Army, whereby they were Israel's "Lebanese" army collapsing!

What intimidates the Lebanese most is the on-going butchery of the Palestinians on day-to-day basis, whereas international media doesn't display the reality of the situation to their local audiences.

Now, what else Israel got to say? More empty threats? Or more tears to the cameras to hide the reality of the Palestinian people? Aren't the Zionists fed up from isolating the Jews from their neighbors?

No War but Class War



Gin & Tonic said...

Don't fall into the trap of the nationalists by going into war rhetoric. Even though Lebanese media has for the most part portrayed the Second War as a great victory as a matter of fact in Israeli terms it was merely an operation.
And there are many people on our side of the border who would love to attack Lebanon just for ego's sake.
So when you go all militant you're basically inviting the invader back.
In my opinion the best thing is if you guys stick to your own internal issues and we stick to our internal issues.
It seems to have become quite vogue in Lebanon to speak about war and conflict, don't become the shepherd who screams wolf, then one day the wolf will come and no one will help you, like Georgia.

Lets all just wish for progress and peace in stead of talking disparagingly about each other.

I've never heard that hate can bring parties together...

Renegade Eye said...

If you read MFL's blog, you will know nationalist rhetoric isn't found. He's realistic about 2006.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean political apathy has increased? I don't think that it's a sign of anything major. I liked your anecdote about the phonecall, but to go as far as to claim that political apathy is a sign of the crumbling of ideology is a bit too much. I think its just a global trend in increased youth materialism.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Last time I write on a blog comment before saving it first, lost the first one

Nevertheless, seems to me Hezbollah and the Zionists are feeding on each other to justify political points.

Apathy is part of Alienation, a whole set of Marxist doctrines :), although growing apathy also includes the increase of importing Jews to fill empty settlements who got messed up by false promises for a better life, or simply the Israelis are beginning to lose faith in their leadership

Julia said...

Kudos to your mother! I'd probably do the same thing.