Friday, August 29, 2008

Hezbollah Slap Themselves in the Face!

While facing a powerful army like Israel, they are accurate with their operations.

While sweeping through Beirut, they were accurate! They never shot a single bullet on the army...

But in time of peace, how the hell a Hezbollah militant shot a Lebanese Army helicopter in the head?

Hezbollah could defeat anyone militarily, and obviously only a Hezbollah militant can mess Hezbollah's role on victory, and give 14th of March the stamina to return back politically.

Whereby 14th of March are having a field day on Hezbollah's blunder, the assassination of of the officer stunned the Lebanese society. Furthermore, the co-pilot was detained for two hours, handcuffed, and beaten.

The incident confirmed the fear of Hezbollah-land. Very few people argued that the army should have informed Hezbollah; however, these few people are not aware that the Lebanese army, by Nasrallah's own words, is the ultimate authority. Hence, chaos occurred. The Free Patriotic Movement, which has key-figures of ex-army officials, toned down the incident on their official site, and officially the supporters are lost. The 14th of March became more wrathful than ever, ever since Hezbollah's allies ended the deadlock of almost two years in less than 3 days.

Hezbollah's only statement was that the culprit should be handed out and condemned the operation; however, the Hezbollah militant couldn't have shot the helicopter without an order, and also what about the others who detained the copilot and beat him; specially the helicopter had been conducting training flights for two days.

The picture of Samer Hannah's fiance crying is all that left the Lebanese audience in tears. They were supposed to be wed this saturday.

Hezbollah to ease down tensions, surrendered the "supposed" shooter on the helicopter, but not the others who beat up the co-pilot. Now, we will see how the different party will tone down the publicities.

A final question goes to MP Ali Ammar: "Is it his turn to purify his own chin after Elias Atallah?" Or we are still not allowed to form critiques of his party because it is "God Given"?



Renegade Eye said...

No surprise there.

Lalebanessa said...


Please be precise: the correct name of the new country is Hizballistan, I hear that they'll start issuing visas to Lebanese citizens who wish to visit very soon.

Renegade Eye said...

Lalebanessa: That's both funny and tragic.

Renegade Eye said...

Celia Hart RIP

Khawwta said...

Good post.. m2akhar bass good one

ms. tee said...

Hey MFL, long time no hear anything from you. Ma t'tawwil il ghaybeh. There are events waiting for your perspective.

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Renegade Eye said...

Where have you been?

A. Child said...

Why aren't you writing?

Khawwta said...

merry Christmas MFL

Renegade Eye said...

Miss you.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I have batted out of hell, and back into writing...
will do an intro soon... about my disappearance...

Renegade, my dearest comrade, expect a gigantic email from me, I might have some good news for you...

Khawta, La Lebanessa, and Miss Tee, I miss you all, I fully apologize for scaring people with my disappearance, but I really hit bottom the past 5 months, and it took me quiet a while to climb out of the hole I was stuck in....

Furthermore, I promise to recap on a lot of incidents that took place...

Finally, dear Member of the Media Social Exchange, I apologize for not replying but I haven't checked my blog since August and in any case not sure I would have been able to participate because it is important to keep my identity secret.

Disgusted by current events and finally I have the time and space to write, I am back... and hopefully, fellow colleagues will join me on this simple blog.