Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Whose Freedom they are defending? Not the People's!

The current situation is that the two coalitions of Lebanon, government and opposition, has its basis with cowards who have been involved in safe-guarding themselves through riots rather through seeking the interests of the people as a whole.

For quiet a while, the tides switched and the opposition has been bombarding the government again with all forms of accusations, while only one barking insane politician was speaking in a God-like manner. His name is We’am Wahhab. While the opposition accused the government of being US made, We’am Wahhab has been issuing threats such as “ we will throw them out in the sea if they proceed with the 50 + 1 % vote” or “if they wont listen to us, through arms we will send them to the USA” or others. Of course, he attacked severely the trio leaders of the 14th of March, Jaajaa, Hariri, and Junblatt. While other Opposition leaders been aggressive, such as Hezbollah’s Raad and Qassem, We’am Wahhab got the special attention because he is regarded as Syria’s greatest puppy.

The government, to cover its own blunders, retaliated on all the figures through attacking Syria and Iran’s interventions on the Opposition. However, the government was viewed passive because they simply repeated the same accusations, while the opposition bluntly shoved Archbishop Sfair 100% into the Governments’ hands. He has been pro-14th of March, but now he is officially a 14th of Marcher Cadre, like Mufti Qabbani. Ever since the Opposition resorted to block the streets on January, the opposition remained threatening to escalate, primarily, Aoun hinted to different meetings aimed to coordinate such plans unless we take Wahhab’s threats for real.

Ever since this January, “electricity riots” through out different areas of Beirut and Baabda – Alley districts, the government remained with its traditional line of accusations. As 14th of February approached, the government had to step up its tone in order to guarantee maximum participation on the day Rafiq Hariri was assassinated. For starters, Hariri’s Sunni warriors now shoot in the open air at Tareeq el Jadeedi whenever Hariri speaks, hence mimicking Hezbollah’s supporters whenever Nasrallah speaks. Party collisions been breaking on sensitive areas at night; however, the media been playing a role in not reporting the details of those fights. For example, few people knew that last week Future Station received a sound grenade, or a shoot-out occurred in Tariq – el Jadeedi two Saturdays ago, or last Saturday fist to fist fights took place on Basta between pro-parties supporters in Basta. This at least is a positive step.

Yet, 14th of February is approaching. The government has to escalate its tone of threatening. Hariri was blunt to say that he will counter any offensive if that takes place. Junblatt went as far as saying that his “party members will burn everything” if a war comes out. Actually, the step-up scared a lot of people, but that is what the 14th of March supporters need to listen to be mobilized. Hariri toured Northern Lebanon and announced he will place 53 Million dollars to be placed on constructing facilities that will assist the people of the North, mainly where there are 14th of March supporters. After all, Ahmad Fatfat made it in Dunnieh.

The media, specially Future TV, been behaving as if it is in a war zone. The war is against terrorist Syria. Anyone who does not go to the 14th of February is a Syrian Agent. Anyone who doesn’t go to 14th of February is abandoning the “martyrs”. Actually, anyone who doesn’t go down is not defending Lebanon and Syria for sure will return. This attempt to attain maximum mobilizations is taking place with the attempt of replicating the situation of 14th of March 3 years ago. People feel they are in a war zone. We’am Wahhab of course was thrilled because he can finally “send a missile on Junblatt’s sleeping room if the war breaks out.”

When Omre Moussa failed again to reach a national reconciliation, one reporter asked him: “Why are you trying to seek reconciliation on the local level if the outside nations are in disagreement? Try to get them to agree instead the local leaders.”

Meanwhile, Aoun and Nasrallah wanted to assure their audiences that the historical “Christian and Muslim” alliance stands and they both appeared together in an interview at Aoun’s newly born TV Channel “O-TV”. This move actually boasted O-TV’s ratings because this historic interview was the first of its kind in Lebanon’s history whereby having the most powerful two leaders of the opposition sit together in the same room answering questions. However, this interview will be historical because history will remember Aoun as the weaker link between the two. Everyone noticed, except for few Aounis, how Aoun looked at Nasrallah and gave him the look: “Did I say that right?”

The Aounis to counter the government’s accusations decided to follow 14th of March’s logic during Matn elections of 2007: give flowers during 14th of February. The tactic is not that smart because it was clear they wanted to play the martyr’s role and end up beaten during the massive event.

While escalations reveal the greediness of both coalitions, people say now: “let them vote a president and let us get on with our lives.” Is that the case? The whole situation started with the break-down of the 2005 national government due to question of Hezbollah’s arms and the political assassinations. Afterwards, the issue of the corruption and national reconciliation government arrived, and eventually, the case of the presidential case. Of course, with the course of events, accusations of treason were accompanied on both sides.

Now, the question for 14th of Marchers, their logo say: our “martyrs”. Does this mean that the 1300 martyrs from Israeli racial brutality during two Julies ago are not included? What does that make the regular citizens who died in that war? Or they don’t count because they are not part of the suspected Syrian assassinations?

Yesterday night, a Hezbollah general was assassinated in Damascus and Israel is accused. Imad Moghnieh was associated with the killing of the US Marines 25 years ago. Hezbollah announced today on their Manar TV that tomorrow is his burial ceremony and honoring which again coincides with 14th of February. Samir Franjieh, whether unaware or not, said that they should and tomorrow should be national mourning day for everyone.

Nevertheless, I would like to be honest, in this entire fiasco of cowards’ symphonies, We’am Wahhab should be the first to be locked up, and taken away from media. Even though he is such a comical character, but I sure wouldn’t mind slap him if I see him.

This is no longer a war against Israel, this is no longer a war for Independence, this is a war of cancellation. Tomorrow, probably a million will go down to the streets of Martyrs’ Square, despite the fact great riots are feared to erupt if a “mysterious sniper” shoots at the crowd. More to the point, Hariri coronated the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese Interior Security Forces as the primary defenders of the real Lebanese (according to his perspective) against possible Syrian forces.

Let us hope no more civilians would die for their politicians’ greed….

I would like to end quotations from articles written by Fawwaz Traboulsi in 2006:

In December 2006: Fawwaz Traboulsi, in his article On Naming Issues with its Names, wrote the following: “

The summary of the issue, which calls for deep worries, is that this sectarian system returned to confirm again that it is a system of “lacking space”. This system will remain lacking space till infinity. Its sects and streams can’t fit in it, and each group seeks to trick the Ta’ef Accord and the Constitution as each claims its commitment to this or that while arrogantly saying that nothing needs reconsidering.

This is the same system confirming that it can’t fit people. It forces people to shove its demands and interests (if admitted to it rights) from the needle of Sects’ rights and its shares?

Then how can the distribution of interests, services, and shares occur in the first place in a situation where there is nothing to distribute but the debts (MFL notes: national debt). Specially that the leaders of the Sects’ expertise are to distribute (and a huge section of the economists are not involved except to raise moral to the extent of prosperity). So who cares about wealth production and distributing it in a fairer manner among the entire Lebanese?

This is no longer a joke. The moment of truth has come (the other does not cancel the need to know truth which is on your mind) (MFL notes: Dr. Traboulsi refers to the demanded Truth by 14th of March in a satire manner). Till now, the Lebanese system solved its crises by changing people’s mentality via killing and displacement or the marginalized groups impose itself through force and foreign relations show-off. Will this occur again?”

Fawaz Traboulsi on November 25 2006, in his article “The Two Independeces: Lessons and History”, wrote:

We have to admit also that the Lebanese have sought for the request of aid, or weaponry, and occasionally both together in order to impose themselves on the political (and economic as well as social) system which is isolated and alienating. This system refutes to distinguish the essence of belonging, rights, and what ought to be. We can even say that the Political and Social promotion of the larger sections of the Lebanese groups is accomplished when this promotion imposes itself through violence and the quest of help from the outside on the monopolists of power and money. Hence, we can look at the bloody crisis of 1958 as it was means whereby the Sunni (and Durzi to some extent) elites expressed themselves in terms of participation in political life. This perspective can be used also on the latest civil war (1975-1990) which was the means which the Shiite elites arrived into participating and accomplished change of balance between the Muslims and Christians in positions of political authority.

Till now, we lost twice the battle for independence, or to be exact, we lost two battles for independence in the same year (and still going). The leaders of the 2005 independence against “Syrian Presence” have forgotten there is an Israeli enemy and didn’t notice that it reflects the strength of the United States empire after 9/11. As for the leaders of the May 2000 independence and July 2006 from resisting the Israeli aggression and liberation, did not succeed in convincing the rest of the Lebanese about their independence from Syria in their context of “friendship”. The invitation towards a national unity government has been deactivated by both teams because there are dictations of the by the external sponsor towards the other team. It is as if confirming that the external dictations are a destined fate on Lebanese politics while the Lebanese politicians “have their bodies made of diamonds” can’t accept the dictations of this team or that.””

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