Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heavy Shoot-Out in Beirut (updated minute by minute)

30 minutes ago I was supossed to meet people in Jemayzi when suddenly news popped up that there is a heavy shoot-out between Future Movement and AMAL the time I rushed back home, the shoot-out resulted with three wounded.

15 minutes ago, riots spread between Nuerri, Basta, Burj abi Haydar, Mazra3a

1 minute ago 10:30, a headline pops out on New TV that Hezbollah headquarters recieved four molotov cocktails in ras el Naba'a

The army has been trying to seperate what Bin Jiddo called "incident with heavy shoot-out" .

So what were 14th of March saying? No weaponry but the Lebanese army's? What about the Opposition, only Hezbollah carry "resistance weaponry against Israel?"

10:30 AMAL denies that its militants are participating in this shoot-outs (funny though all areas have extensively AMAL supporters)

This is what I was talking about the escalations the politicians use to bargain their way... damn them all equally...

Whole New TV showed how a group 10 were beating the hell out of two knocked unconsious.. .. the police didnt grab hold of them even though distance was one meter away.... it was disgusting ... 10 youth beating 2 unconscious , then one grabbed a stick and bashed it on someone's head...

10:49 THe army, according to al-Jazeera successfully intervened between the fighters...

This is quiet disturbing, according to New TV video, they are all kids... thank you all politicians...

11:04 Future TV and New TV declare that the clashes are on-going in Barbour, Bshara el Khoury, and Ras el Naba'a

11:07 LBC: vandalism spread... there are five wounded... now the army formed a siege and gradually imposed total control... LBC says that the collisions occured between AMAL/Hezbollah supporters from one side, and Future from another

11:08 New TV: Hezbollah deny that one of their buildings was burnt down


Renegade Eye said...

Your previous posts this month bear out the truth of what you are saying. Lebanon is heading to a reactionary civil war, and/or adventurism against Israel. You pegged down the problem.

The ones who are going to suffer are workers in Lebanon and Israel. The Zionist establishment won't be hurt, or the Islamist and nationalist leaders in Lebanon.

What you have going, as you could tell by the incident, where you heard students discussing your blog, is the power of your positions.

Lalebanessa said...

to Renegade eye

you said "I believe in a Jewish homeland in Israel"
How can you reconcile this with your communist doctorine? Since when did religion become a factor in the establishment of a state structure according to communism? And how does your sentence address the issue that the jewish state was established without the permission of those who owned and lived on the land for thousands of years? Did they not have any rights because the aggressors and their allies held military sway over the area?
What about the non-jews in Israel? If israel is a jewish state does that relagate them to second class citizenship? Is that what commusnism is all about? Lack of justice, and opression of those who have no voice or connections for the sake of the religion?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Renegade, I add Palestinian workers...

Please read my reply to your statement of Jewish Homeland my friend...

Renegade Eye said...

Lalebanessa: I never said I support a Zionist state. I support the right to a Jewish homeland.

Israel is an established state, with its own dialectics. An Israeli worker is increasingly oppressed and exploited. Most likely they belong to a Zionist trade union, and vote for Labor. My comrades join Israeli workers groups, and try to recruit to Marxist ideas. They have no choice, but to belong to a Zionist group.

If you are a Marxist in Palestine, you'd probably belong to a Fatah run union to recruit workers.

With groups like Hamas and Hezbollah shooting rockets indiscrimately, that land not on Zionist leaders, but the most oppressed Israelis. The attacks by the Islamists and nationalists fall right into Zionist hands.

My main point is that many on the left, forget Israel is also a class society.

MFL's writing hurts Zionism, more than Hamas's rockets.

I'm impressed with how Ted Grant, always linked Palestinian rights and the security of the Israeli working class. That type of talk purges Islamists and nationalists.

The present Palestinian leadership, will build a neoliberal state, with services privatized, and low waged, non-union workers.

The national question won't be settled at a negotiating table. It is a class struggle question. You are correct that in the long run, no bourgeoise state is permanent.

This is from Jan 21, 2008: There is no doubt that the main cause for the ongoing bloodshed and wars is the Israeli occupation and the atrocities committed by the Israeli military against innocent Palestinians. As Marxists, we would also condemn the threat posed by the Islamic fundamentalists on the lives of innocent Israeli. The inhabitants of Sderot are poor Israeli workers, most of them working under terrible conditions of minimum wages and no social rights.

The Israeli elite disregards Sderot, not only due to the socio-economic condition of its population but also as most of them are Jews who immigrated with their families from Arab countries like Morocco, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Tunisia and others. Their lives are not as precious as the lives of Israelis who live in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem. In fact, the Islamic fundamentalists know quite well that firing rockets at Tel Aviv would cause bloody escalation, as the ruling class would use these attacks as an excuse to hit back at the defenceless Palestinian population. Thus, there is a vicious circle in which the poor workers and unemployed of Sderot are seen as an "acceptable" target for the Israeli government.

I think I'm stating your ideas, with different wording.

Lalebanessa said...

Renegade eye,

On the contrary, we disagree on a fundemental issue. You repeat again that you believe in the right to a "Jewish Homeland".

To me the words "Jewish Homeland" themselves imply exclusivity and elitism for jews, and hence are a racist and biased idiology based on religion. This is especially unjust as the conditions were superimposed by European Elites upon the local population which at the time was powerless to oppose them.

Zionism and Judasim may be different enteties , but a "Jewish Homeland" is the very definition of Zionism.

Renegade Eye said...

My main point is that Israel has contradictions. It is like blaming every American, for George Bush's behavior.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

But renegade, Israel was established on racist origins and unlike no other country in the world except for probably the native americans in North America, the Palestinians were expelled...

I replied in details to this comment on the earlier post as well ...

Renegade Eye said...

Neither Israel or USA are going anywhere. Each has its own dialectic.

With the kind of leadership Palestinians have, they'll get a state. It will be neoliberal.

Zionism can easily survive Hezbollah and Hamas misfired rockets. Class struggle inside Israel will be harder.

Lalebanessa said...

Ya MFL, the Cypriots choose a communist president and not a word from you? Shoo Sayer Bi hal din-ye?

Anonymous said...

how can i contact you..

ayla said...

MFL, I hope you are well.

I was wondering if there was a way I could contact you in order to discuss certain plans I have. As you might know from my blog, I'm British and live in London. I had been planning to move to Beirut in April/May in order to study Arabic and perhaps teach English etc. Things in Lebanon seem to be getting worse so I was wondering if you would advise me to forget about moving or not. Of course I will wait and see what develops over the next couple of months, I was just wondering if you could make any predictions.

Take care and keep safe,


Khawwta said...

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