Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Permenant Revolution & Every Day Life

Permenant Revolution assumes that the revolution should not stop within a borders of state, but trespasses those borders and triggers a chain reaction through out the region, and as far as the world. The author of that theory was Leon Trotsky, and it came to him after pondering upon the 1905 insurrection with extensive analysis to its strengths, weaknesses, and what allowed it to take place. The importance of the 1905 revolution was that it established the first Soviet in the history.

The permenant revolution needs the workers to be successful. Only a workers' insurrection can trigger a wave of revolutions from the workers against their oppressors, any other form of a revolution would include the bourgeoisie as their leaders and end up installing a dictator/businessman on the throne. The Permenant Revolution assumes that the revolution proceeds till the Capitalist System is cancelled. It was Lenin who said that the Soviet Union is doomed to fail when the revolution was blocked in Warsaw and Germany, because the revolutionary wave got isolated.

The permenant revolution is not what the ignorant "lefties" or capitalists call bloody. It is as Trotsky said in the Post-1905 court, that it is the least bloody of all. Since the logic of the revolution is that the workers trash the government while barricading their strong holds. A demonstration of workers trigger class awareness of the society, and that triggers even the army soldiers joining their fellow demonstrators because the soldiers are after all workers (something Marx mis-calculated). In 1905, the soldiers rebelled against their officers (Potemkin cruisership). No army is crazy to shoot an entire nation's Proletariat. Instead, they prefer to join them, after all, the soldiers themselves got their relatives demanding the need for a better life.

The Clash in the Soviet Union came between Stalin's Block & Trotsky's Block. Stalin was focusing on building a singular undisputed nation, while Trotsky thought the revolution proceeds on wheels and triggers the revolutionary workers from one nation after the other. Sadly, Stalin's block won, and we recieved a double slap with the loss of Trotsky's block & hiding Russian Nationalism under the banner of the Communist Revolutionaries.

The Permenant Revolution assumes that for every revolution, there will be two counter revolutions. One comes from the reactionary capitalists/"leftists", and once that is surpassed since it is the easiest to spot, the second comes from within: Rise of the Bureaucrats: those who kill the revolution. While Lenin and Trotsky spent their free time on the street explaining to the Proletariat why they had to do an October revolution, Stalin was preparing his entrence to massacre the entire boleshevic revolutionaries in the name of Mother Russia.

The Permenant Revolution believes in Internationalism. Every worker is involved through out the world despite race, gender, class, sect, and color. The permenant revolution is a never ending revolution, for the only time the revolution stops is when the Capitalist System with all its supporting goons are eliminated or forever crippled.


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