Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Well not in size and political weight since the former are simply the coffee barriers within the 14th of March (whatever is left from it). Just previously plenty of left-wing activists thought how FPM and their 8th of March abused the demads of the teachers to do their own fiasco, now DLM does it again concerning the arrested activists in Syria.

The political statement "Declaration of Damascus - Beirut/Beirut - Damascus" was written by mutual left-wing scholars in Syria & Lebanon, I know for sure since I saw it being written by both sides. From the Lebanese side, the DLM business dealers despised the left-wing activists who wrote it from Lebanon and always mocked them as too immersed in their academics rather reading Ziad Majed's miserable articles. In the end, those academics did an event that shook our fellow Syrian activists, and suddenly the first to attempt to capitalize on the manner are the DLM in an FPM manner. They even refuted to wait the concerned lebanese left-wing on the manner who are organizing a bigger activity, just for the sake they gain personal points in the coming elections within their pethatic movement.

Conclusion: DLM have been guilty of re-writing the leftist ideologies to fit their Neo-Con principles, to justify their allegiance to the ultra-right wing master, the current Prime Minister, violating existing leftest groups, and plenty more: end result: they should be dismantled since they bring more harm to the leftists rather assist the workers.


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