Monday, March 15, 2010

Israel and the US

"It isnt Israeli terrortists that are trying to bomb us. Can we befreind those who wish to destroy us" - Haaretz commentator

The recent condemnation of Clinton to the Bibi government doesn't express much except how much the US is expected to serve Israeli interests.

To the Haaretz commentator, it is about Israeli ongoing terrorism. It is not about Palestinian terrorism, rather it is about who destroyed Palestine in the first place, with records of British archives that the Zionists owned by 1948 only 6% of Palestine proper (with 50% of that 6% being owned by the Jewish Agency and its accessories). You cannot build an argument that "Israel had been occupied by the Arabs for 2000 years. As far as we know, the current Palestinians probably are the direct descendants of those 'biblical' Jews while the Jewish diaspora which is supposed to return has no means to prove anything. Probably the Arab Jews can prove to be descendants, but that is it. Jerusalem was never Jewish, it had been rather a mixed city for all. Since Zionists love to go back to the past, the place where Jews enjoyed best treatment in the past was during the Ottoman Empire, and even before. Shlomo Sands argued that during the Islamic conquests of the Arab peninsula, they played their cards right: Imagine that the Caliphate empire suddenly in the 21st century arrived to USA and promised everyone exemption from the IRS taxes if they converted, would they?

So who destroyed who? That is the question to always refer to back to 1948. That year is not that old for us, since the same genocidal messages continue to carry on:

1) Same logos used by the terrorists (later awarded prime ministers) of the Irgun/Stern/others. As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between the Haganah or Stern

2) An entity that is based on genocide, bans the remaining natives from practicing their identity. The co-director of the Award nominated Ajami is the biggest example of crying racism against his people. He reinforced his Palestinian identity while denounced Israel as an entity that doesn't represent him or his rights. Someone will say: "if he hates it, he should leave", I argue that this is a real native, and has the right to pin-point racism. It is like saying to a native of Latin American or North America (with the latter denied identity and dubbed Indian) to leave the Americas if not happy.

3) Someone will highlight the post 1948 massacres of Jews in the Arab world. I agree, those were horrible brutality, and Arab leaders need to recognize those massacres. Nevertheless, given the temporal framework, Zionism brought racism to the Jews in the Arab World due to its behavior with the Palestinians.

4) Even if someone would tell me: there was never Palestinians, if that holds true, is it justified to murder all those "Arabs" and ethnically cleanse them, and demolish their towns?

Clinton's latest statements are nothing new. AIPAC's fury from heavens. Even that tiny chunk of land which is designated for the Palestinians is being ethnically cleansed. Gaza is under a worst siege in modern times (yes, I would bluntly argue worse than Sarajevo because no one is denouncing the siege). The West Bank is gradually losing to more settlements, while East Jerusalem is gradually being eliminated from natives, due to fascistic biblical claims (or let us call it superstition).

Had Clinton been serious about those negotiations, Biden wouldn't have had pledged the "We die for Israel's security" logic. I am certain the people in the White House are having headaches from Israel. Nevertheless, due to AIPAC, condemnations have been only words. Obama's administration's problem, to AIPAC, is that it is not giving the Israeli administration any greenlight enjoyed under the war-criminal Bush Jr.

Of all the countries in the world, Israel in theory should be the easiest country to pull all strings. Without the US, in terms of financial, military, and political aids (VETO POWER among other things in the UN), the US can simply cut down on these aids and twist Israel's arms. If the almighty US is facing all those political blockades, what did you leave for the Palestinians.

The saying goes: "Takes one to know one". The US, instead of highlighting how Palestinians are victims of past and present genocide, decided to go for the Armenian genocide. I agree, it is important to highlight that fact. Yet, the method of recognizing the Armenian Genocide is not logical at all, after all, the US itself committed genocide. If the US condemns Israel's current actions and links it to the past, I am certain, the Zionists will reply the same to the US, forgetting that the USA is the lifeline of Israel's survival.

The Cold war had been over, and Israel played its role. This doesn't mean that "War on Islam" as Israeli fanatics has been there. The US has almost allies in all the Arab world, except for Syria. Israel's role is diminishing, yet, the US congressmen cannot commit political suicide by denouncing activities. Clinton, whom we all hate, suddenly became a Muslim lover and anti-semite, due to the picture posted with Arafat's wife. Allow me to remember one thing, wasn't Moshe Dayan's wife, Ruth, in touch till this very day with Arafat's wife? Does that make Moshe Dayan a self hating Jew? The Jews are fed up from Zionism, and apparently so is the world (except for the countries that committed genocide during WWII).

If Israel expects the whole world to remember the Holocaust as Jewish (which wasn't just Jewish as far as I remember), the Palestinians have the right to exist and remember the on-going genocide (the attempt to build those new house units in East Jerusalem, although for the record, there are plenty more settlements). The US probably would have turned their eye on that issue had it not receive a slap in the face in the eyes of the world: Tiny Israel insulted the great United States of America. Of course, now the Zionist sympathizers, they argue that Obama is a Muslim in disguise. This also brings the African Americans (the religious ones) to hate Zionism as well. This is not anti-semitism.

With the situation of the "Israeli Arabs" whom we call heroic Palestinians who are surviving genocide under harsh conditions are reaching new poverty lines, the collisions between the Palestinians and the Zionists is evolving to become a new class struggle.


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