Saturday, December 12, 2009

Responding to Tony Blair

In Response to Blair's "Removing Saddam Was Right"

Nobody likes Saddam, Mr. Blair.

Nevertheless, the problem is pulling such a crazy operation and by-passing the entire UN forums,

Attempting to re-invent the causes of war after the WMDs were not located, specially the invasion couldn't wait any longer due to Saddam's 'nuclear threat'.

There was no Qa'eda in Iraq till the US-UK invasion took place, thank you "democracy" for bringing terrorism to that region.

Thank you for demolishing a state entity called Iraq. If this war is war of democracy, then how come in the first two years of the Iraqi invasion, more Iraqis died than lunatic Saddam's entire rule era?

Wasn't the United States that funded Saddam in the Iranian-Iraqi war and made him a super dictator over his people? We know democracy, and fight for it, it is the United States that funds most of the dictators in the Arab World (Egypt's Moubarak, Morocco's Sultan dynasty, The Saudi Dynasty, ... etc).

Of all the Iraqi officials, whose legitimacy is severely under check, they couldn't find but this minister? BBC can do better.

Accelerating the operation without a Plan B to Iraq which led to the swift breakdown of the regime and the presence of terrorist groups and ethnic wars?

Does Blair know that every Iraqi that died and still dies blame him and Bush Jr. due to the swift breakdown of the state?

Finally, I love it how several people underscore the Iraqi lives by simply calling the war on Iraq as 'policy changing' and conflict management. People's lives from that corner can be so cheap for such men from this corner of the world.


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