Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Goldstone Effect: What Alternatives we have?

Nothing to deny about, Israel has been accused of war crimes, its soldiers should stand up in an International Tribunal Court, and this bullshit of "self-defense" is not working as it used to in the past.

Isreal's main threat are plenty:

1) If the soldiers, officers, and politicians will be accused of war crimes, and proven guilty by the international court (who will be by all means possible), they cannot carry mass ethnic cleansing in the name of self-defense like this racist state used to do.

2) The accusation and proving of Israel as a war criminal nation based on the Gazza events will lead to the opening of all cases Israel has been involved as a war criminal (almost 24/7 in its lands against the Israeli Palestinians whom Israel tries to eradicate their identity as Israeli Arabs) , and its horrors elsewhere (such as 2006 war on Lebanon and Gazza, Beit Hannoun massacres, the 1996 Qana massacres, the law suits from Southern Lebanese on Israel, the 1982 invasion, Sabra-Chatilla Camps) and the list is really really long).

3) This leads to almost every politician in Israel's history to be held accountable (even if symbolically) that the Isreali "Defense" Forces are war criminals. Natanyaho is too scared of such an effect, because while he is defending Levni and Olmert from not being taken to the Tribunal, because for example Peres will go as well (Qana I massacre)

The Goldstone report was also sponsored by the UN Human Rights, the level of Israel's brutality on Gazza was too big for its allies: USA and UK to hide it or cover it up. Well, they didn't to hide it up! We got Mahmoud Abbass! He ordered, to the shock of the world, to withdraw the report's findings till six months (giving Israel and USA a lot of time to counter the Goldstone report and like many other reports--> Buried).

Abbass represents the new Palestinian elites, who are making money out of the PA. He sold out the Palestinians ages ago, and is paying lip services to everyone that sustain him in power. Hamas, the more radical alternative, also had committed blunters. Hamas, during the Gazza Holocaust, proved incapable of protecting its people, due to the fact that simply Hamas doesn't have the circumstances or funding to operate like Hezbollah when the latter humilated the Israeli infantry. Nevertheless, what do Hamas offer? They offered welfarism (covering 38% of the Palestinians in Gazza) amidst a brutal seige of the Israelis to keep Gazza locked out from the world. All reporters and official figureheads were not allowed to enter Gazza during the ethnic cleansing. However, Annahar reported two weeks ago that Hamas barred women from riding bicycles... again, where do we progress from here?

As a matter of fact, Goldstone himself complained that Israel didn't allow the investigators to enter Gazza through its lands. The answer is simple: Israel wants to get away with its ethnic cleansing---> Self-Defense logo again... lost its charm. Even the Obama administration is trying to cover this up, and the reason is simple, because the USA covered the attrocities of Israel against Muslim and Christian Palestinians. It is too embarassing. Yet, on a side note, I do believe Obama wants to be more strict with Israel, his problem is that his hands are tied over there. The only reason makes me think so because unlike all previous presidents during their mandates at the White House, Obama has very strong ties with a mighty Palestinian academic: Rashid Khalidi.

The summary of the Goldstone report is important, released by the UN, and can be found at their website

To all those pethatic supporters of Israel, do not preach me democracy and self-defense, you are racists and disgusting for supporting a nation that seggregates based on religion. As you see, the tides are beginning to turn against racism, slowly, but the tides are turning.


PS: Check for more details on the updates!


Ms. Tee said...

Good post, MFL.

But I think on the question of Israel, Obama is led by pragmatism and in that sense, it matters little what he wants. I never met the man, but I am familiar with the circle he and Khalidi moved in in Chicago and even in those days he did not voice any categorical opinions on Israel and Palestine in public. At the time, for his Chicago politics, the Arab community mattered and Khalidi was an important part of it. I am not sure he has "very strong ties" with him today.

Renegade Eye said...

Israel invading Gaza, had much to do with Obama winning. Israel's relationship to the US's is dialectical. The Gaza assault was a message to Obama, who wants concessions from Israel, in exchange for Iranian help in Iraq for US deployment. The US needs Iran and Syria's help to get out of Iraq.

Nothing ever comes from the UN. See Afghan elections.

Darko said...

You're building way too much hope on this report my friend.
1- If the report ever leads to a formal lawsuit with a tribunal and a conviction against Israel and the IAF u can bet ur last buck that the verdict will be equally condemning to Hamas, again equating between both sides

2-No matter what happens with the report it will eventually be marginalized by western media and will be brushed under the carpet like nothing ever happened

3- I'm surprised that u would still have any faith in the international community and the UN

Gaining international support is the least of our problems and should the last of our worries. I honeslty dont give a shit what some person living the good life in London, Texas, vienna or anywhere above the Brandt Line thinks about our cause