Friday, June 06, 2008

Return of the Republic - What Republic?

(Future Prime Minister Seniora - Cooking the Ministries , ala Lebanese way, while everyone is shoving their demands) taken from Annahar

We saw President Suleiman giving his speech, more like copy paste all demands from every political statement from all parties... well he did forget to mention the Lebanese Detainees in Syria. We also noticed the Lebanese Forces not satisfied at all, and also Aoun looked sick as dead man since he was not elected. To be honest, this fiasco sounded as if it was a comedy show with Nabih Berri as its host. Personally, I do not see how the election of Suleiman would solve any problem, the core problems, mainly sectarianism and corruption, are not tackled. It only means that the leaders agree on Suleiman, and when they disagree, everyone will be a traitor in the other's eyes.

After two years of instabilities, sporadic terrorist acts, riots, random shoot-outs, and everything... we discover that Hezbollah doesn’t want to oust "the imperialist" Seniora out... although this demand was included within their zillion demands. On the contrary, they just wanted the status quo revived politically. The Christian side from the Opposition (11 Ministers) were given five Ministerial Posts, and of course Aoun and We'am Wahhab (they kinda look similar these days) voice went down the drain that Seniora is coming back. 2 years of economic hell, waiting for the civil war, and the return of the militia cantons, ruined the lives of a lot of people, and not to forget how many lost their jobs. The government turns out they can accept the "National Unity Government" whereby the Opposition Ministers can veto the Majority Decisions (and vice versa). Personally, I think Harriri doesn’t have the experience to be that Prime Minister yet, and also the key figures of the Opposition don't mind it. After all, Nabih Berri remained the Speaker of the Parliament.

The short lived civil war taught us a lesson, that the greatest politicians will return to their sects. Salim el Huss, Omar Karami, and Najib Meqati (all ex-prime ministers) became extra Sunnis when Hezbollah and their allies pulled their military offensive (protecting the resistance arms they called it, specially when they bombed randomly Durzistan locations). Talal Irslan suddenly became a super Durzi and Walid Junblatt became a red line (khat Ahhmar).

The scenario to look at it: Ok, two armed coalitions are ready there, with one side more organized than the others, then one armed gangsters (Hezbollah included... they are no longer resistance specially they aimed their arms to the inside whereby last time we saw it in 1989, and Preaching over bluntly about Wilayat el Faqih – ie Ali Khamenei) attack the other and disarm it... the army watches, then takes the losing faction (usually Government forces), and then the army after watching takes over). Horrific massacres occurred in Lebanon that we thought they are long gone since the civil war days: return of PSP style of executions on the frontiers of Durzistan, the bloody butchery (dubbed on Future Movement) on the SSNP and the SSNP parading the pictures of the martyrs without they mentioning how some of their members shot an RPG in West Beirut on an unarmed civilian car, and finally, the Militias taking full control in a (behind the scenes) manner even though the police forces are just a show. A saying in the North spread after the violent confrontations: "The Army everywhere in the world protects its people, but in Lebanon the people died to protect the Army's unity." Minor confrontations are taking place in Sunni Resident areas, and some have been wounded.


Now, Syria has a major turn out. Just when peace spread its wings (in a temporarily manner) in Doha, Israel and Syria decide to revive their peace deals (and allow me to remind you only four months after Imad Moghnieh was bombed to kingdom come over there in Damascus and the Baathis argued it was Israel). Hence, was Imad Moghnieh a prelude or a Syrian Initiative for peace? Or vice versa, Israel saw the chance to grab hold of him and bombed him. How come Hezbollah have been silent about that fact toward their allies? What about the fact Hamad Bin Khalifa flirting with the Israelis? How come Hezbollah sat with them while Berri treated the Qatari Prince with Royalty?

Hezbollah's Super Bomb! Proud of Wilayat el Faqih!!

First, I think it is very hypocritical for Hassan Nasrallah to tell the parents of the victims that their children sacrificed their lives for peace... specially his canons, in no difference than any Lebanese militia, bombed randomly citizens. The question goes to Nasrallah, what would have he done if Junblatt didn't surrender the mountain? Would he behave the same way like the Americans behave prior to their offensive to a country? Bomb it to ashes till the leader surrender? And of course Nasrallah mentioned his pride in Wilayat el Faqih!!!! This I will explain on the next incoming post!

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