Monday, April 14, 2008

Regarding New TV Riyad Kobeissi's Documentary on Arms

It is a very interesting documentary on people owning arms that shoot in the open air. Why doesnt our esteemed army and internal security forces go arrest them since they appeared on the documentary (and other TV stations) ...

More to the point, like most of the Lebanese, I have access to ex-militia members. I remember 5 years ago I got an offer for AK-47 for 40$, second hand. Now, any AK-47 in the black market exceeds 1000$ (again my contact's price list), not to forget how the ammunition of different arms are higher. Ever since the Ministry of Interior banned the sales of licenses to carry arms, prices have been sky rocketing... another bad sign of our damned country.

If you belong to a certain location that is famous for a partisan affiliations, you will be dubbed to that. The same applies per sect, and a lot are purchasing arms because they will be blindly dubbed to this or that party.

BTW, I declined to buy the AK-47 then for 40$ and sure like hell I would buy one for 1000$.


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