Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bomb Explosion targets US Embassy Diplomatic Car

Updated minute by minute

4:25: Diplomatic car was targeted in the industrial and trade area between Karantina and Dowra region. Diplomatic car proceeded

4:50 According to LBC, The car targeted is for the US Embassy. Three killed and over 10 wounded so far. A lot of foreign faces are present there.

5:00 Three killed are not located in the targeted car, rather they are civilians killed while driving next to it

5:04 Two corpses have been covered. 20 cars damaged, in fact some cars flew 25 meters

5:06 Over 15 people wounded, security forces arrested two people

5:09 Mattew Placin is one among the wounded, among four others were taken to Hospital J'atawi

5:10 The targeted car has not been opened, nothing but photos from outside been taking

5:11: Hagop Bakradonian arrives (from Tashnag Party/Coalition for Reform and Change

5:11: Fire Fighters took out potential fires to eliminate fire spreading around to factories with explosive material.

5:12 Wounded are taken to Jatawi Hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital, and Lebanese Hospital. The killed are two in a car, and one on the road. The wounded are 20, some of them are inside their offices/homes.

5:15 Associate Press transmits Embassadorial Statement: No US diplomats/citizens have been killed in the process

5:18 Red Cross, Army, Security Forces are checking neighboring building for further martyrs

5:18 LBC: Second Explosion this year after the first in Shouf

5;20 ; Corpse on the road is taken to hospital

5:21 Eye witness : suddenly sky became black, and rushed quickly inside the factory to check on their workers. They didnt see anything suspicious activity. Offices and employees are requested not to touch anything outside for evidence collection

5:25 Corpses are still not identified

5:30 Military Judges Fahed and Mezher been over 30 minutes inspecting

5:31 Eye Witness: Gigantic explosive, took a kid to the hospital. There was a Honda parked for two days, it wasnt from the neighborhood. As the for the fortified diplomatic car, it was empty.

5:34 Explosion occurred when the diplomatic car passed next to a car loaded with explosives, detonated from distance. The three passengers are not military, rather guards and civilian employees at the embassy. Two died in the car behind it and one walking on the street.

5:36 K-9 dogs are brought in large numbers

5:39 LBC reporter: Problem with capturing suspects is that this area has plenty of factories, and henceforth has a lot of different foreign employees

5:40 LBC Speaker: Associated Press says that four killed, but not confirmed yet

5:40 LBC Speaker: Bomb might be targeted the US diplomatic car in parallel to George Bush's visit to the region for the past four days

5:45: Electricity is not available in the area of Karantina

5:55: Ahmad Fatfat argues that this is targeted at LEbanon,trying to blow up the Arab Initiative because this explosion like others prior to AMro MOussa's visit (UNIFIL, others), launching 2 missiles on Israel, plus Shaker el Absi's statement of seeking revenge. He also adds that the diplomatic car seemed to return from the airport. (MFL: seems he is trying to bury that explosion to 14th of March). He also adds that there are security holes such as the Palestinian Camps, Security Squares, Border areas which allows others make use of it. Army and Security Forces already captured tens of suspects under interrogation since summer.

6:01: One of the Four Killed, according to the US Foreign sector, is a Lebanese driver who works for the Embassy

6:02: One of the diplomats from the US Embassy arrives to the scene escorted with foreign US security guards in civilian troops

6:03: The US Embassy already cancelled its party to honor US Embassador Jeffery Feltman since he is leaving to be replaced with a new one.

6:06: LBC: there are information that says there are three martyrs, others say it is four

6:09: Updates: The Diplomatic Car had two Lebanese passengers, including one driver. The two were taken to the hospital after being wounded (but not seriously). The passenger was not hurt (The Car is Armored). One of the two left the hospital and gave his testimony to the people in charge in investigation. The US offered to to join in the investigation, the Lebanese answered they needed legal permission from the Lebanese Court.

6:22: Lebanese Government is meeting urgently. News as issued out by US officials that one killed is employee is wrong. He is slightly wounded. The two killed in the car behind the armoured car, they were trying to by-pass the diplomatic car when the car exploded. The government is about to meet.


يساري مصري said...

just saw the news & knew about that :(
I'm so sorry to hear that you in lebanon having a bombing almost all the time

great coverage you did here
& I'm sorry more & more for lebanon :(
my beloved country

Renegade Eye said...

Very well written informative post.

Jo said...

I'm proud of u baby...
I'm so ashamed of being Lebanese and making you, my friends and all the foreigners live this horrible situation.
now you understand me when i tell you i hate Lebanon...not my beautiful country but Lebanese and what i have been enduring since the day i was born...
hopefully one day we'll start writing about opimistic news...that won't b soon in my opinion...xoxo