Sunday, December 23, 2007

Israel's July War aggression is still active

"Cluster bomb kills father of three" By Agence France Presse (AFP) (link)

TYRE: A Lebanese father of three was killed by a cluster bomb dropped by Israeli forces during last year's war in Lebanon, police said on Thursday. Mohammad Hamzeh, 33, was killed in the village of Zebqine near the Southern port city of Tyre when a cluster bomb exploded as he was gathering wood to heat his home, police said. The munitions dropped by Israel during its devastating war against Lebanon last year included at least a million cluster bomblets, according to the United Nations. Unexploded ordnance has killed at least 36 people and wounded 227 since the conflict ended in August 2006, according to UN figures. - AFP"

Another Israeli crime to be added to the record of bloodshed of the Zionists and their allies. Of course, they will complain that they are the victims as always and we are anti-semites... bla bla bla



nightS said...

khara 3alayon! :@:@

Renegade Eye said...

In Minnesota Zionist groups pressured secretly a private college to uninvite Desmond Tutu to speak, because of anti-Zionist views. They claimed he compared Zionists to Nazis. When you read the speech Tutu made, you find out he didn't say anything like that.

After it was made public what happened, even Zionists protested that decision to save face.

In the mean time, the college demoted the teacher who invited him. Tutu won't come until she gets her position back.

That same college allowed Ann Coulter to speak.

A movement is starting, much led by Jews, to get the teacher's position back. She wasn't fired, but demoted.