Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fatah Islam: The Last Breath and Al-Absi's Disappearance?


5:50: The Lebanese Army issued a statement urging civilians not to shoot in the open air in celebration plus also urged that the Palestinians shouldnt return to Nahr el Bared till all possible procedures in Nahr el Bared is over...

5:40 - 24 members of Fatah Islam have surrendered to the Army
5:40 - The Lebanese Army arrests a car in Marroshieh town - Zgharta Region after they refused to abide my the orders of the Lebanese Army


ANB Television explained that Fatah Islam attempted to escape three ways, whereby two ways were by-land and Sea, were intercepted by the Lebanese Army, either shot or arrested. The third group succeeded to smuggle a tiny group from the river direction.

5:10 The different Palestinian parties met in Badawi, and declared they will block in coordination with the Lebanese Army the entrance of Fatah Islam.

Shaker Alsi's fate is still unknown. So far, he was not between the corpses of the Fatah Islam militants & among the arrested ones.


The Lebanese Army finally took over Nahr el Bared,according to LBC, the remainder of Fatah Islam remained under the leadership of Abu Saleem Taha, the media spokesman of Fatah Islam, while most of them surrendered. Few are still fighting to the last minute, Shaker Absi's fate is unkown and it is official that the Lebanese Army fully controlled Nahr el Bared and the battle is over. The wounded of Fatah Islam were transported to the hospitals and later to be arrested. The total kills are reported to be from Fatah Islam's casualties are thirty seven and 19 are wounded. This is the biggest casualties. Abu Saleem Taha is rumoured to be with 20 fighters, and the final number to be known will be known at the end of day as the army is still scanning building by building the location. Celebrations are taking place through out the surroundings of Nahr el Bared, while fireworks are flying and rice is being thrown.

The army issued a statement to report any suspicious character in their neighborhood within the parameter of Nahr el Bared to the army or any authority on the spot.

Today at dawn, after massive lengthy clashes between the terrorist organization Fatah Islam and the Army, the Lebanese Army inflicted heaviest casualties on Fatah Islam as they tried to break away from the fortified Nahr el Bared Camp.

The casualties as the army intercepted Fatah Islam were heavy: 28 dead and 18 captured (so far). Few made a break for it (suspected to be four militants), and the army remains at this very moment searching for them. They ambushed a car, killed its owner with an Axe (!) and afterwards broke through the Lebanese Army checkpoint, killing two soldiers.

The search continues for Shaker al-Absi...

However, we hope that Shaker al-Absi would be captured, because if he escaped, we just hope we wont have to see the Nahr-el Bared Camp repeated elsewhere under the leadership of that lunatic. The Palestinian residents suffered a lot ever since they moved to the neighboring al-Baddawi Camp, and suffered heavily, and for a long time, as refugees (for a second time) under bad conditions. The families of the Lebanese Army martyrs also suffered a lot, and wont get the satisfaction till that insane man is captured. I was hoping the capture of Shaker el Absi would decrease the ever rising intensity of racism toward the Palestinians citizens.

Terror is beginning to take over the streets again just for the mere mentioning that Shaker al-Absi fled, although we all hope that the army would capture him, dead or alive! I dont think we can stand another clash with that man in case he rebuilds again (unless we follow the conspiracy theory he is part of something bigger), then it means Autumn will continue to carry with it the heat of the summer. Check-points are everywhere, my family had to pass through 6 checkpoints for the army. If that terrorist is not located, it will increase the division between the government and the opposition as both sides are accusing the other with bringing him to town and supporting him.

What's Next?


Lalebanessa said...

MFL, they're saying he's dead and his wife id'd the body.

Ra7 el-abssi min baynatna, w'rig3it el-basmi 3ala wjouhna!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

let us hope he was not part of something bigger active in Lebanon and Shaker el Abssi was only a tip of an iceberg

Lalebanessa said...

We all know that Lebanon's problems never end.... all the more reason to enjoy the moments when things go right for a change.