Monday, July 02, 2007

Regarding LBC's Documentary and History

As I watching the documentary on Pierre Gemayel, I was fascinated by all the pictures (not to forget accompanied with the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean), motion pics, and interviews. However, the documentary came to me as a disappointment.

As always, portraying Pierre Gemayel as the innocent actor is wrong, or covering parts of history and focus on other is catastrophy. The documentary is interesting to know about one of the controversial figures of modern Lebanon; however, it is incomplete. The documentary for example overlooked how the Phalange, as part of the Lebanese Front, recieved arms from Israel from the Jounieh Port, or the attrocities committed during that era (at least covered, LBC might later point out how these tiny details were there). This is not only to attack Pierre Gemayel, but all of the documentary on politicians. People tend to be portrait as good will actors and disregard everything. That is why when for example doing documentary on the Lebanese Communist Party by NBN, they totally neglected their important role in the Battle For Tripoly (against the Tawheed) or how much AMAL butchered LCP and SSNP warriors on their way to fight the Israeli Army or the Southern Lebanese Army.

Moreover, if everyone were good willed actors, then why we had a 17 years war whereby two primary schools errupted into heavy clashes, and eventually the war took different (and again different) turns. Joseph Bou Khalil appeared in the documentary; however, he was never asked about the trips he did along with Bashir with Israel (nor Amin Gemayel was asked on why he visited Syria), both sons actually did these "touristic" missions based on Pierre Gemayel's grand design to always keep up a back-up plan. Probably that will pop out in the last episode, but my point is, all history should be put and spoken off. If AMAL butchered people, they should admit it, Hezbollah butchered a lot under the bloody reign of Sheikh Tfayli, they should say it. All documentaries should highlight that part during the good-willed actor's participation. There has not been only one massacre, which everyone keeps repeating with Sabra-Shatila Massacres, rather, there have been the massacres at Mt. Lebanon (on different levels), Shikka, Karantina, Sixth of February, Tel Zaatar, 100 Days War, and everything else.

You cant re-write history, history as it happened has to be known. We shouldnt wait till the US archives open up every 30 years. The victims, the regular citizens, and everyone else needs to know and HAS the RIGHT to know. Part of the on-going vicious political/social cycle keeps repeating itself because they still refute to open their entire cards of the past. That is a true process for reconciliation within Lebanon, rather following leaders and make them powerful. Is this is too much to ask from those politicians? I would like to see Ahhrar saying how they relied on the US Army to safeguard their interests, why Saeb Salam resigned with his accusations on the Phalange, why Hezbollah and AMAL bombed the hell out of each other. I would like to see all political parties (including the Lebanese Commmunist Party and the virtuous Order For Communist Work) to confess that their men did this mistake or that.

I guess life goes on...


Khawwta said...

No commmmmmmment

kiffak MFL

Renegade Eye said...

Much of the post my friend, is over my head.

Respect for history is part of Trotskyism, as is admitting errors, principles, and tactical flexibility. That doesn't necessarily apply to nationalists and Islamists.

Liliane said...

when i watched the documentary, especially the part that involved Bachir el gemayel, I noticed immediately that they overlooked the part where the Phalange delt with Israel... And I was thinking to myself, what else could they do, imagine if they didnt overlook it, aslan el documentary ma ken byetla3 on TV.

OH BTW I finished the Thesis and did the defense :D

Lalebanessa said...

Come on, what did you expect of a documentary on the Gemayels by the LBC? Be realistic!

MarxistFromLebanon said...

La Lebanessa

I know, it is like watching history of the Lebanese Communist Party on NBN, but we need sources like the book written by fawwaz Traboulsi, more credible references

Khawwta I miss you big time

Liliane, congrats, now you have no excuse,

Renegade, knowing history as it happened is the core of Marxism :)

Khawwta said...

bti3jibni bass toussouf kitabatak bel mawdou3iyi ;)

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Khawwata ;)
till we meet one day

Anonymous said...

Greetings ..
ma ili jalad to sign in ...(or maybe because its been such a long time that i had forgotten my password)
Its Neruda...
and here are my two cents on this issue ..

I agree and support what u said, however:
1) I did watch the documentary ...and on the israeli thing what happened was worst!! They DID mention that there were a couple of deals with Israel ...and to be more precise ..Josef Abu Khalil described his trip to israel ...mentioning that the israelis told him as he approached them.."We've been waiting for you ...u guys are late" (so they did mention phalangist-israeli relations ..but to some sense ..they were rather defending such a choice)

2-a) on the critical level ...the Order for Communist work did confess about their mistakes it political, alliances wise ..and massacres during the lebanese civil war..
Search for Mihsen Ibrahim;s Very Long Speech at the 40 days anniversary of George Hawi at Unesco Palace...

-b) George Hawi DID criticize the actions of the lebanese communists in the early 90' not so sure of the date...but i have read about it ...its a series of articles ...published in al hayat i think .;..with ghassan charbel !!