Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday: Hot Religious Activism

Sunni Grand Mufti Qabbani, who actually did a prayer ceremony in the Governmental Palace, said: "If political strife ignites today, it will only take a few months to burn the whole country, not 16 years," Qabbani added, in reference to the Civil War." (link)

I really do not think it will take months to burn the whole country, it will take probably a week. The Arab University clashes reflected how in one day a whole country can burn in hell. With a tiny unknown sniper, riots spread through out the country, while minorities (in the region they are in) felt threatened either for political affiliations, or simply belonging to a wrong threat. AMAL and PSP did informal check-points, and Lebanon was in a state of chaos. It reflects how the party oriented members (can we replace the term party members with Militias members yet?) Each camp's (government/opposition) has charged its own audience to enter heavy clashes with the other. The pace the riots broke due to the AU showed how fast Lebanon can burn. Actually, this time we do not have cantons (except for AMAL-Hezbollah locations and the PSP's Druze location, after both kicking out the minorities within their heartlands). Other than that, we will have utmost chaos whereby each street would be dominated by a party (similar to West Beirut after 1984). This of course, in case a civil war breaks out, but "luckily" for us, none want it, even though the religious leaders are intervening in politics, or the politicians hijacked the religious sect spokesmen for personal or mutual symbiosis reasons.

Sheikh Fadlallah accused how the Lebanese love foreign intervention, but contradicted himself without refering to his own camp. To be objective though, Fadlallah is not an advocate of Wilayat el Faqih which Hezbollah follow in Lebanon. Sensitivities between Iran and Fadlallah appeared when Khatami visited Lebanon but did not visit Sheikh Fadlallah.

It took Adwan from Bkirky to say that Jaajaa would make a perfect candidate due to "not allow Lebanon to be used by Syria and Iran to obtain better negotiating deal", ok, the question is, why from Bkirky? Better yet, why allowing all those religious representatives speak about Lebanese politics, it is none of their business. Religion stays at home between the individual and his/her God. Don't the supporters of this party and that party (and I exclude no one) feel weird that they are muscles for their leaders' interest? Whatever happened to civil law that they all preach (including Hezbollah, despite the fact their leadership is a Shora Council). What about all those war criminals from the civil war? Suddenly we want to believe they all love life (latchi lal tnain).

Then somebody tells me "yes but we are Lebanese, we believe in Freedom of Expression", hell yeah (not!), then why I prefer to keep my identity secret if I didn't get some juicy threatening emails from time to time, and worry that my family get involved in this turmoil (marhaba freedom of expression). Due to this "freedom of expression", I guess one day I will stop blogging myself. Of course, should I be a religious affiliated person ala clanship logic with allegiance to a sect leader to say what I want? What disturbs me most is that I see more neutral people beginning to take sides among the two, and explain it: that is the only logical route! Now is it really the only logical route? Personally, nothing is logical... those who take sides are participating in annhilating Lebanon to kingdom come. So somebody would say, this is reality of the situation, I say wrong again, those who accept such a reality contribute to sustain it. The Bolesheviks were a persecuted minority refuting to step down from their goals till they declared their revolution... ponder about that for a while.

Speaking of logic, isn't strange to see for the past four years the "supporters" loving other "supporters" only when their leaders love each other. If someone tells me well yes, but this party has resistence as a target or that party has freedom as a target, I say that is over-inflation, if it is contributing to daily re-ignite Sectarianism... shoo hal khabsa we are living in, what do you think? (and please do not look what this leader or that leader said to copy paste an answer). Resistence, as its official term, was launched on secular basis, in the name of freedom, by the Resistence front, which had the Lebanese Communist Party, Order For Communist Work, and the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (then they were different than now, and if you read my Lebanese Left Investigation, you will understand that even the "then" I had serious issues.



Renegade Eye said...

I imagine there is some comfort you are part of an international movement, with people in office in Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba etc.

Angry Anarchist said...

I can tell with absolute certainty that in some areas the LF is running training camps and conducting open-air training at night.

This isn't a joke...

It's funny how things work "en arrière" in Lebanon, instead of putting all the war criminals in jail, they released the war criminals already in jail. What a travesty of justice.

بيلعبوا دور الشاهد المحامي والقاضي!!!