Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bomb Located Next/Within AUB

Well, who would have expected it?

The bomb was found within the parameter of Issam Fares Hall, which is close to AUH. Issam Fares Hall is outside AUB's main gigantic campus, but very close to it (like crossing the street).

This is the first encounter of locating bombs in the Hamra Region. The message is clear, no place is safe, and seriously no place. The American University of Beirut was supposed to have at least best security ever (since Collage Hall was blown in 1993 to Kingdom Come), but again, there are no metal detectors. Worse, AUB campus (the main one) faces the Prime Minister's house on Bliss Street. Securities in that area were taken in a matter that only the neighborhood residents' cars can be parked on the street through a permission and license to park their cars. This security measure is to block any "alien" cars to blow up while the Prime Minister is passing with his envoy.

The bomb's location now would stirr more controversy, specially that Prime Minister Seniora lives towards the end of the Peripheral Gate (known as Dorms Gate). This means, the location of the bomb is only 5 minutes of walking away from the house. No one is safe.

Second, the fear factor has been expanded. No place is safe, and worse, students can be targeted by these terrorist bombs. No location is safe, and this also targets probably one of the few flourishing industries in Lebanon: Education. I think a costive security measures, which was implemented in Cairo - 1997, when the foreign tourists were butchered: placing metal detectors everywhere, and the entrance of almost every store.

Third, the sadest part of the story, anger would explode. AUB, like other universities, has all types of political parties which never sparked fights as huge as the Arab University, Lebanese University, or Lebanese American University. Usually the student leaders themselves sort the problem. However, now accusations of both camps would stirr up, and would reflect anger on the student life, primarily in AUB first, and all campuses second.

Now, the reactionary camps can start pointing fingers at each other.

Here is the full story


Liliane said...

Hayda bass lal tekhwif

Puppeteer said...

I think they concluded they had way too many Syrans and Palestinians on campus. Time to "scapegoat" some, don't you think?