Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well, today I have been wondering all day, why the heck I am a Communist, and specifically what is labeled as a Trotskyst. Now what I am writing is under the influence of alcohol, but still? Every time I have my hopes high, I tend to hit the wall.

We as Communists see things from different perspective that really brings headaches for our heads... the more we are involved withour sciences of Marxism, the more we have to worry. Sadly, most of the leftists in our area, at least Lebanon, are bureaucractics and suffer from the disease called Arab Nationalism or Lebanese Nationalism.

I have been involved with over 10 movements/left-wing groups, and without any distinction, all have been failure. Either bureaucracy strikes, or the new-Cons strike under the banner ofthe left.

Personally my knowledge of the Left and how I am involved is a double edge sword.

For example, the "leftists" tend to be gathered as group, now my knowledge of the sciences of Marxism teaches me that these are not really leftist and it is my job to assist them. I know it is not easy, but better than nothing... at least those who claim to be "leftists" and defend the WTO know the fear from a real Trotskyst Marxist who knows what exactly is the left and what ought to be done.

It may be a curse not to be satisfied with our activism, but it is our knowledge of the world that imposes on us as a duty what ought to be done no matter how things get bad...

Hasta La Victoria Siempre


Renegade Eye said...

How do you deal with Islamism?

Anarchistian said...

Comrade MFL, anarchism is the true way to justice and liberation.

Renegade Eye said...

Anarchy is what reigns in Lebanon. Anarchists have no program to take power. It still has a basis of being a good eventual goal.

Renegade Eye said...

I came off arrogant, and didn't mean the tone.

You do have the best blog, on Lebanon, period. The level of discussion is high, the news is up to date.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Take it easy fellas.

Renegade eye, I placed my msn, feel free to add me. Currently, all left-wing (well at least the real left-wing) should be united as class struggle is reaching new dimensions.

Once everything is over, we will all talk, for now, let us focus on assisting the Proletariat comrades. :)

Best Regards

Anarchistian said...

Anarchists have no program to take power.
Take what power? But you see, we are not interested in TAKING power, but in dismantling it altogether! We believe in absolute freedom, the dismantlement of all forms of authority and power.

Anarchistian said...

Take what easy? Did I miss something??? I only commented twice, comment #2 and #6...

Angry Anarchist said...

Guess I should start using my blogger username when commenting so people would not assume my identity.

From now on, all comments by me, Anarchistian, will be made using the blogger username: Anarchorevolutioniscoming.